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Bali Circus - Great kids activity in Canggu

Let your kids experience circus skills, acrobatics, aerial arts, dance, as well as arts & craft. Juggle, spin plates, throw a diabolo, spin poi, ride a unicycle, hula hoop and do so much more! Nadia and her team are amazing, encouraging, supportive, motivating, enchanting and, most of all, inspiring teachers!

The circus facilities are awesome, full with toys, props, quirky decorations, costumes for dress up that practically draws kids (and adults!) in. There is plenty of friendly staff looking after the kids together with the principle Nadia.

Circus Camps are held during school holidays for 5 to 12 year olds, for locals and tourists alike. They run every Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm, daily drop in or whole week option. The camp includes a home cooked kids friendly lunch and a snack time, too. Part of the program is creating characters, props and costumes! The practice during the week will be showcased at the last day in a show for the parents which is followed by a Circus Family Workshop. A great holiday activity for a really reasonable price and happy kids guarantee!

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